Panu Lehtovuori

Professor of Planning Theory


Panu Lehtovuori is the Professor of Planning Theory at the Tampere University, School of Architecture, and the head of Urban Planning Research Group. Before the current position, he was the Professor of Urban Studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. Lehtovuori’s research interests focus on contemporary forms of public urban space, new urban design approaches and the resource-efficiency of built environment. Lehtovuori is partner of Livady Architects, one of Finland’s leading experts in heritage evaluation and conservation, co-founder and LAB lead at SPIN Unit international urban agency. Currently, he is involved in launching SHE Housing, a Nordic initiative to change the practices of building sector towards long-term sustainability and fully ecological construction methods.


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February 1, 2020

Toronto July 2008

The reddish background image of this site is from July 2008. We were visiting the city with my wife Hille, looking at ethnic places and interesting architecture, such as Viljo Revell’s famous City Hall and Will Alsop’s funky Art School. One day we were close to Daniel Libeskind’s at that time brand new Royal Ontario Museum, which I liked despite controversies around the building. The hipster car on street next to Libeskind’s formal experiments and a red glazed piece of urban furniture that splintered and coloured the view, made the moment special. Next day we drove to Chicago to ACSA-AESOP conference. But that’s other story…